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Buildling Homes For The Homeless

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It is the mission of Opus Dei CDC to create opportunities to uplift the community, families and individuals in need.




Opus Dei means “God Works”. We at Opus Dei believe that God works in all we do. Opus Dei was founded in 2006 to serve communities in need. The organization obtained its 501© 3 in November 2007. Our purpose is to eradicate homelessness and the factors that create the ill. Our initial programming includes a Housing program for the Homeless (Herbert Hardwick House for the Chronically Homeless) and our Affordable Housing program.


CEO and Founder Joseph A. Harris II.


Opus Dei is negotiating with the US Department of Housing and Urban Development to obtain housing so that we may provide affordable housing to the economically disadvantage. We are also negotiating aggressively with the city to provide housing and services to the chronically homeless in the city. We have come to recognize the correlation between addiction, poverty, mental health and homelessness. Our goal is to address the issues that are the root causes of homelessness and helplessness in our communities. Opus Dei is a fledgling organization that is just beginning to put its programs into fruition.